Who am I?

Sophie on stage
I’ve come a long way since my days starring as a secondary character in the school play.

Hey there, I’m Sophie Joelle, the founder and author of One Play More…

… and one of the most Yorkshire of Yorkshire lasses you’re likely to meet.

I was born and raised around theatre.

My parents were both successful music teachers, busy running their own drama school and producing their own shows as well as introducing me to a world of theatre before I could say ‘jazz hands’.

Though my performance as the Grumpy Sheep aged seven was highly acclaimed, my passion for the theatre remained firmly on the front row and I pursued a career in content writing and marketing. Having seen countless of productions (literally countless), I began reviewing for and editing online arts magazines in Yorkshire. A few years later, I decided to step into the spotlight and launch my own blog – and One Play More was born.

“It’s time to trust my instincts close my eyes and leap!” – Wicked

So why theatre? Why Yorkshire?

It’s simple – if you have ever heard an overture warm your heart or felt the collective uprising of a well-deserved standing ovation, you’ll know the magical power of theatre no other experience can replicate. You’ll be welcomed into characters’ lives for one night only, trusted with their secrets and transported into worlds you’ve never dreamed of for one night only. It’s a culmination of months and years of dedication, passion and love from a team of cast and creatives who collectively aim to give their audience a performance they won’t forget.

Regional theatre is a beautiful reflection of our community. Whether you’re watching an original performance or a touring show, our local theatres and creatives are an absolute credit to Yorkshire. They provide us with the chance to experience the arts, expand our horizons and feel love and heartbreak in a way you just won’t find offstage.

The theatre is my home. And there’s no place like home, after all. 

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