City Varieties’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto Returns!

I’m a big fan of the City Varieties’ Rock ‘n’ Roll pantomime. It’s got everything you need for the perfect panto mix – cheeky humour, audience participation, great performances and fantastic live music. It’s always a treat to see actor musicians strut their stuff and the City Varieties panto allows them to do just that, and I love it.

This year the show is Beauty and the Beast, a classic story that will no doubt be even better in panto form. The show’s starring my all-time favourite pantomime dame star, Simon Nock as Dame Bessie Bigbreaths. He was amazing as the Dame the last time I saw the panto and I’ve no doubt he will be just as brilliant this year too.

As the legendary panto was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, this Christmas marks the 10th anniversary of the City Varieties’ Rock ‘n’ Roll panto. It’s a very different format to the traditional Christmas pantomime. Written by Peter Rowe, the Rock ‘n’ Roll panto format blends classic corny gags with a jukebox full of amazing songs that are performed on stage by the actors!

The Yorkshire Evening Post said: ‘One of the secrets of its success lies with its cast of actor-musicians who waste no time in developing a great rapport with the audience in the intimate atmosphere of this historic old theatre. Full of audience participation you can cheer the goodies, hiss the baddie and shout until you are hoarse and that’s what pantomime is all about.’

Don’t miss your chance to see Beauty and the Beast until 9th January at City Varieties.

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