REVIEW: Blazin’ Fiddles at Howard Assembly Room

Take four amazing fiddle players, add a sprinkling of keyboard and energetic guitar and you’ve got yourself a blazin’ good night. Who knew fiddle playing could be so enthralling?

Blazin’ Fiddles has the audience captivated from the first tune as we’re taken on a whistle-stop tour of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. From jigs to waltzes, slow melodic tunes to high-octane numbers we’re treated to a whole variety of styles that provides the group ample opportunity to showcase their world-class skills.

Sitting on the front row, we’re given the very best chance to see these miraculous players strut their stuff. It’s the work of wizardry to see the fast, dynamic way these musicians play their instruments – as I sit and watch it evokes similar feelings to seeing a magician perform slight of hand. I’m seeing the magic happen right in front of my eyes, but I’ve no idea quite how they’re doing it.

The sounds produced is simply glorious from start to finish. While it’s expected that the cheerful, extremely fast “stereotypical” fiddle music will get the audience going, it’s the slower more tuneful sections that I enjoy the most. It gives us chance to appreciate the gorgeousness of these precious instruments.

Blazin’ Fiddles are no ordinary fiddle players. They’re personalities, which gives this evening of musical entertainment a particularly unique edge. We get to know the fiddle players by name, with lovely introductions to their solo sections providing a bit of background not only to the tunes but musicians themselves. Bruce MacGregor is the group’s stalwart player, having started the band over twenty years ago, and looks wonderfully at home on the stage. Jenna Reid, Rua Macmillan and Kristan Harvey all provide their own unique take on the fiddle which gives the audience a glimpse into just how versatile and exciting the instrument can be.

Anna Massie and Angus Lyon support on guitar and keyboard respectively, which gives the overall sound a soulful vibe.

Whether you’re a musician yourself, fancy listening to some new styles or simply want to get back out there and enjoy live music again, Blazin’ Fiddles will offer you a great night out. So get stomping your feet, clapping along and smiling away during a fantastic evening of song – check out the Blazin’ Fiddles website for their latest tour dates.

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