It’s Pan-to Time at Guiseley Theatre

Oh, yes it is! Peter Frying Pan, a fabulous comedic take on the traditional Peter Pan story, penned by Will Burns, beautifully directed by Sarah Bishop, and performed by their very own theatre company, By The Play, hits the stage this weekend.

Curtain up, and we are greeted by the Fairy Liquid, played beautifully by Sarah Beattie, who tells us that Peter Frying Pan is on a mission to bring the magic back to Never-ever Land and save it from the clutches of the dastardly Captain Chuck, played brilliantly by Jenny Pendriss, whose aim is to capture children to make into burgers for his Chuck Shack, along with his bungling sidekicks, Mustard and Sneeze.  Saph Middleton and Jenny Brown bring much hilarity to the proceedings in their roles, and the rapport and comic timing between the three of them is a joy to watch.

Swashbuckling Peter (Ellie Bartle) enlists the help of the very charming Charming children, Wendy (Martha Brice – wow, what a voice!), and John and Cherry (Lewis Kettlewell and Bea Chambers), to help restore the magic to Never-ever Land.

Helped along the way by the hilarious antics of Dame Tinkerfella, superbly played by Philip Smith, can Peter and Wendy defy the odds and defeat Captain Chuck, restoring the magic of Never-ever Land forever?

There are some fun cameo moments to watch out for from Court Jesters Tiger and Lily, the very regal King and Queen, Molly Maid, the Mermaids, Pickle and the Town Crier.

The children in the cast – the elegant dancers and the Lost Boys and Girls – all add to the magical atmosphere of Never-ever Land, and light up the stage.

Every single cast member brings their own special magic to the production.

The show brings to life a whole array of wonderfully nostalgic toe-tapping hits from the eighties, arranged and choreographed by Kim Blount, from The Land of Make Believe to Footloose, with a bit of Don’t Stop Believing along the way.  

So if you believe (I do, I do believe) in magic, Guiseley Theatre is the place to find it this weekend!

Peter Frying Pan runs at Guiseley Theatre on Saturday and Sunday, 16th & !7th October, at 1pm and 5.30pm each day.

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