Dracula: The Untold Story Review

Walking into Leeds Playhouse to see Dracula: The Untold Story, I’m not sure what to expect. One thing’s sure, though – by the end of the night imitating the dog has completely pulled off the element of surprise.

Dracula: The Untold Story expands on the hidden life of Mina Harker. It’s only very loosely connected to the original story, but the plot is strong and delivers some interesting points. I won’t share any spoilers, but there are plenty of shocks and twists along the way.

The trio of actors deliver confident performances, coping with the tricky set demands with ease throughout. Riana Duce as Mina holds our attention, while Adela Rajnovic and Matt Prendergast provide moments of humour as their main roles as the interviewing detectives – though they also play a multitude of other roles throughout.

Of course, what makes this show so unusual is the set. With just a handful of cameras subtly positioned on stage, the three actors are projected into various scenes and settings using camera wizardry. It’s a clever and unique way to present a show, and I’ve never seen anything like it – even if horror isn’t your thing, you should go along just to be impressed by the show’s ability to take storytelling to a new level.

From 1900s England to the streets of Paris, the unique projection provides an immersive experience that captivates from start to finish.

Every member of the creative team deserves credit for creating such a cool, out-of-the-box production. From co-writer and co-directors Andrew Quick and Peter Brooks to Production and Video Designer Simon Wainwright, the talented team have hit upon a fascinating idea.

Catch Dracula: The Untold Story at Leeds Playhouse until 9th October.

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