REVIEW: The Play That Goes Wrong Gets Everything Right

If you’re a fan of Mischief Theatre, you’ll already know what kind of mischief to expect from The Play That Goes Wrong.

The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are presenting The Murder at Haversham Manor... what could possibly go wrong? The cast and crew are all ready for their big moment, but between them they muddle from hilarious disaster to another, making the show a complete farce in all the right ways.

There’s no doubt about it – the show’s material is absolute gold. It’s got something in there to appeal to every style of humour, from slapstick to dry humour. The set (designed by Nigel Hook) needs to be designed and crafted to fit around the more physical jokes, and there’s not a moment where things going wrong doesn’t go perfectly.

The cast also deliver the goods at every turn. Mischief Theatre’s original cast have left some mighty boots to fill and there seems to be only two routes forward: try (and probably fail) to put a unique spin on the characters or pay homage to the original cast and perform the piece as it was intended. The cast are glorious tributes to the original members, with impeccable comic timing and fabulous delivery. Leonard Cook as Robert brings the house down while Tom Bulpett as Chris Bean (the show’s director) is lovably flappable. Particular mention has to go to Gabriel Paul as Trevor – I really can’t imagine anyone playing the part better as he balances the line between cheeky and reluctant.

Every single member of the cast delivers and there’s not a weak link amongst them. This kind of camaraderie makes the show so special – the teamwork, intricacy and trust on stage is phenomenal.

Tour director Sean Turner has done a brilliant job of bringing together this stellar production which offers belly laugh after belly laugh – just what we all need right now.

Don’t miss this modern classic during its run at the Grand Opera House, York, until 3rd October.

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