Plague (the musical) comes to Carriageworks Theatre

From Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th September, Plague is coming to town! The brand new musical is the only musical about a pandemic which has had its world premier postponed… by a pandemic.

The award-winning LIDOS team is performing the show, with a fantastic cast of local singers and actors delivering professional standard performances as a range of medieval characters.

The family friendly comedy musical is written by Leeds-based writing duo Sidgwick and Sanders (who wrote Supertown, which also had it’s premiere at the Carriageworks). It’s billed as a medieval story of hope, community… and root vegetables.

When rumours of a plague hits the villagers of ‘Bogsfield’ in 1348, the community faces an enormous challenge unlike any they’ve faced before. Do they join together to tackle the looming threat, or fall into rivalry and selfishness?

It’s a show set in a very different period… with some very familiar problems. After the pandemic, we’ll all probably recognise some of the plights detailed in this musical! However macabre the subject matter, Plague promises upbeat songs and a resounding message of hope in the face of adversity. Perfect to lift our spirits up when we all need it most!

So what’s the show about? Check out the cast explaining more about the musical…

To book your tickets visit the Carriageworks Theatre website.

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