Leeds Heritage Theatres partners with LeedsBID

The Leeds International Festival of Ideas takes over the city from 13th – 27th September, packed full of exciting and incredible discussions. The festival will include five panel debates and four inspirational keynote speeches and one thing’s for certain – it’ll definitely be thought-provoking!

Leeds Heritage Theatres is just one of the amazing local venues partnering with LeedsBID at this year’s Leeds International Festival of Ideas as City Varieties Music Hall is chosen as one of the host venues that will see renowned names, experts in their field, and some of the world’s most exciting thinkers share thoughts and ideas.

City Varieties presents:

Are We More Lonely? 13th September at 7pm

Panel includes Deborah Francis-White (comedian, writer and coach), Alix Fox (writer and broadcaster), Bolu Babalola (writer and columnist), Emilia Van Hauen (cultural sociologist and author) and physiotherapist Dr Melrose Stewart MBE.

Loneliness can kill. What can we do to sustain a life full of love and companionship? The panel will dissect dating apps, discuss the intimacies of relationships and explore how we might grow old – together.

Does The Future Have Enough Food? 20th September at 7pm

Panel: includes food critic Grace Dent, food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye, Mike Lee (founder of the Future Market), explorer and conservationist Ness Knight and Ben Davy, a culinary development chef.

What does the future hold for the production of food? How will our environment change how and what we eat? If you’ve wondered if bugs are tasty, whether pub grub will be grown in a lab, or if there are enough fish in the sea for us to continue to eat them, this event is a must-see. Will we overhaul how and what we eat through modern innovations, or should we be looking back to regenerative and traditional processes?

Green or Growth? 27th September at 7pm

Panel: includes presented Michaela Strachan, Henri Murison (Director of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership), Prof. Paul Chatterton and climate justice activist Noga Levy-Rapapport.

Sustainability and capitalism have long been sworn enemies. But must sustainability and capitalism be opposites, or can they go hand-in-hand? What if growth can be Green? Can economic success be compatible with our planet’s ecology, and on a micro, citywide level: how can we protect and expand Leeds’ green spaces? Will HS2 allow positive ecological and economic growth? And does Leeds Bradford airport really need a new terminal?

Chris Blythe, CEO of City Varieties, said: “We are thrilled to be working alongside LeedsBID as one of several key city venues at this year’s Leeds International Festival of Ideas. As the longest running theatre in Leeds, The Varieties has a rich history steeped in entertaining audiences with the best of the day’s cultural entertainment, from world famous musicians and comedians to panel discussions such as the three we present this September. Partnering with LeedsBID, solidifies our commitment to working collaboratively with Leeds-based organisations, and participating in city-wide events that promote Leeds as a hub for new ideas and innovation.”

To buy tickets to all three events, or for more information, visit leedsheritagetheatres.com.

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