Heathers The Musical Reviews: Dear Diary, This Show Is Fantastic!

With all the feel-good, fabulous qualities of a typical musical combined with a gritty twist, Heathers The Musical is bound to shock, stun and delight.

Based on the cult film of the same name, Heathers The Musical follows high school nobody Veronica Sawyer as her dreams of popularity begin to come true when she gets noticed by the terrifying trio of Heathers. When the mysterious, charismatic and slightly terrifying JD comes into her life, things take a turn for the serious and Veronica has to decide what’s worth fighting for.

If you haven’t seen the film of the TV series, as I haven’t, this won’t stop you thoroughly enjoying the musical. In fact, it will make it all the more special as you’ll be able to appreciate the plot twists and turns as the musical unfolds. I really wasn’t expecting many of the gripping moments so it totally added to the experience for me.

This musical has it all – it’s dark, edgy, catchy, hilarious, poignant and fills you with laughter and suspense in equal turn.

Our leading lady, Rebecca Wickes, as Veronica Sawyer leads the show with charm. It’s an incredibly demanding role and it’s imperative the audience roots for Veronica – and the energetic Wickes bounds from powerhouse solo numbers through to quiet reflection so we really get to know the character. Her partner in crime is Simon Gordon as JD and, though I shouldn’t, I really do find myself empathising with his troubled character (perhaps not his actions, though). He’s perfectly mysterious yet twinkles of humour shine through to create a truly well-rounded character both Veronica and the audience falls for. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see Gordon going on to achieve immense roles in the future as he’s got all the qualities of the perfect leading man.

It’s no surprise to hear that Maddison Firth, who expertly plays Heather Chandler, has starred in musicals such as Six. Her vocals, comedy timing and slick dance moves are captivating. Her characterisation gets slightly panto-esque in the second half but this adds some light relief when combined with the exceptional jock duo Ram (Rory Phelan) and Kurt (Liam Doyle). They’re a roaring pairing. Other fantastic comedy moments come from Kurt Kansley and Andy Brady as the dads. Their musical number is one not to be missed!

With lovely numbers such as Seventeen and Beautiful mixed in with sassy tracks like Never Shut Up Again and of course the bring-the-house-down number My Dead Gay Son, the show is packed full of foot-tapping tunes dotted amongst more melancholy, reflective songs.

If you’ve been craving your musical theatre fix, this show should be right up your street! Head to the Leeds Heritage Theatres website for more information and to book your tickets for the show.

Photograph credited to Pamela Raith

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