Something a little bit different comes to York Theatre Royal…

Award-winning circus theatre company, Ockham’s Razor, present a unique take on the trapeze act with This Time, a show about time, age, and the stories we tell ourselves.

There’s something really exciting and magical about circus acts, so it’s definitely not to be missed. It’ll feature aerial frames that are raised from floor to ceiling as the four performers lift, push and cradle each other through a world of windows, thresholds and ledges!

This really will be a circus you haven’t seen before, featuring a case ranging from 11 to 60 years old.

This Time uses the imagery of circus, autobiographical storytelling and original equipment design to create compelling visual theatre which looks at perceptions of strength and ability. It’s suitable for those aged 8+ so it’s ideal for those looking to experience a unique piece of theatre.

Check out this teaser clip below to see what could be in store…

This Time comes to York Theatre Royal on 8th and 9th June – don’t miss it!

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