HandleBards present Romero and Juliet at York Theatre Royal

The HandleBards bring their hilarious take on Romero and Juliet to York Theatre Royal on 25th and 26th May. Three actors, fuelled by cabin fever, did what they do best and created a bonkers version of Shakespeare’s classic play. Between them, Paul Moss, Lucy Green and Tom Dixon will take audiences on a wacky but totally brilliant journey! They toured an all-female version of the show back in 2016 – even heading as far as Singapore and Malaysia! Now, a new cast take on the show and I for one can’t wait.

We’re told to expect music, mayhem and more costume changes than you can shake a spear at!

To quote The HandleBards: “Forget the tears and tragedy, and get ready for some live and wired Shakespeare as you’ve never seen it before.”

Review of HandleBards are overwhelmingly positive. They’re an established company and known for their charming and hilarious style. The Stage said about HandleBards’ Twelfth Night: “An exceptional touring production … explodes with energy and is a genuine treat from start to finish”.

Don’t miss Romeo and Juliet when it comes to York Theatre Royal in May.

Photograph credited to Rah Petherbridge

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