Have you watched The Aftermath?

The Aftermath is an exciting new dance theatre piece, produced by Northern Rascals, Northern Broadsides and The Piece Hall. It explores the impact COVID-19 has had on Calderdale – in particular young residents.

Anna Holmes and Sam Ford from Northern Rascals have choreographed the piece. It’s been filmed at The Piece Hall – a beautiful open-air space. It’s a moving piece that demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm of young people, despite the pandemic sweeping the country.

20 young professional and ensemble dancers have taken part in devising and performing the piece. They express feelings of anger, isolation and ultimately hope despite an uncertain and uncontrollable future. How can Calderdale’s young people move past a time which has threatened their prospects, power, and place?

If you’d like to watch The Aftermath, visit this link.

Photograph credited to Ellis Robinson

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