Can you pledge ahead to York Theatre Royal?

York Theatre Royal is launching Pledge Ahead. The initiative asks people to support York Theatre Royal by buying vouchers now. These vouchers can be exchanged for future theatre tickets!

As 89% of York Theatre Royal’s annual income is generated through selling tickets, the pandemic has been responsible for a huge loss of income. Tens of thousands of people normally come through the theatre’s doors each year – now, there are hardly any visitors.

89% of York Theatre Royal’s annual income is generated through selling tickets and from associated revenue streams including the bars and café, from the tens of thousands of people who come through the theatre’s doors every year.

1/3rd of the theatre’s permanent staff team have been made redundant, with many more staff taking cuts in hours and wages to help make sure the theatre survives.

Executive Director Tom Bird said: “Lots of people have been asking what they can do to help the theatre at this critical time. By pledging ahead, our audiences can continue to support us while our building is closed and look forward to using their vouchers as soon as we are able to re-open our doors and welcome everyone back.”

For more details about Pledge Ahead at York Theatre Royal, please visit

One thought

  1. I have bought tickets through vouchers before.

    Blumenthal Performing Arts does have a young adult theatre club called Club Blume. If we actually go to an informance for a show, we get a voucher to get a ticket on discount. That was how I ended up getting tickets for A Christmas Story-The Musical and Aladdin. I did go to other informances- like Miss Saigon and Come From Away- did not buy tickets through the voucher due to my parents already buying tickets for those shows.


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