A new Chair for Leeds Playhouse

As previously announced, Sir Rodney Brooke CBE is stepping down after 10 years as Chair of Leeds Playhouse. He will be replaced by Rozina Breen, who is the new Chair of Board! Her Vice Chair is Neil Adleman, who is a current board member.

Rozina is already a driving force within the media industry. She was previously Head of News for BBC 5 Live and BBC England’s Head of North. That means she is a true ambassador for the north and thrives on telling untold stories in new and creative ways. She is passionate about amplifying the narrative from the region, and creating positive partnerships and collaborations for the Playhouse.

Rozina Breen said, “I’m thrilled to be joining Leeds Playhouse as Chair. Sir Rodney Brooke will be a hard act to follow, but I’m looking forward to working alongside Neil and the Board with Robin Hawkes, James Brining and the whole Playhouse team as they continue in their typically brilliant vein of collaboration and innovation whilst also leading the way through what are undoubtedly challenging times for the sector. The Playhouse’s connection with Leeds, a city so rich in creativity and diversity, is inspiring. Its ethos of inclusivity and community means it is home to such incredible and vibrant storytelling, proudly based in the north of England. I’m very much looking forward to joining Leeds Playhouse in this next, vital chapter of its history.”

Joint Chief Executives James Brining and Robin Hawkes said: “Rodney has been pivotal in the journey that has seen the Playhouse become one of the UK’s most respected and valued regional theatres. His contribution has been critical and will be remembered in his generous funding of the Brooke Room and the capital programme of which it is a part. Rozina is a passionate advocate for storytelling that represents the diversity of our region, and a great long-term fan of Leeds Playhouse. Her passion and insight will make a superb addition to the excellent range of skills and experience of the existing Board. As the city now begins to build and regrow from COVID-19, and the creative industries respond and take new shape, we are delighted that Rozina and Neil will be leading the Playhouse Board into our exciting next chapter.”

For more information, visit the Leeds Playhouse website.

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