Mikron Theatre Company start fundraising appeal for 50th anniversary year

I love Mikron Theatre Company, and have championed their work since I first saw their production of Redcoats last year. They’re innovative, exciting and unusual and now they need our help to survive.

Name another theatre company that travels by canal boat, bringing new work to audiences across the country? It’s a tremendous idea and Mikron have been delightfully providing entertainment for 50 years. Since they were formed in 1972, Mikron has written 64 original shows, composed and written 384 songs, issued over 236 actor musician contracts, spent 30,000 boating hours on the inland waterways, covered 530,000 road miles, performed over 5060 times and performed to over 428,000 people. We can’t simply sit back and let Mikron struggle through these challenging times.

Now, in its 49th year, the company aren’t able to celebrate as they’d planned. Unfortunately the company has had to cancel their entire 2020 season, but with our help they’ll be back in 2021!

If we all work together to help Mikron stay afloat, 2021 will see Mikron tour two brand new shows that were due to showcase this year. This includes Amanda Wainwrights’ Atalanta Forever which tells the story of Women’s football in the 1920s and Polly Hollman’s canine comedy A Dog’s Tale.

Mikron has certainly not been keeping quiet during the pandemic. Mikrom took Arts Council England’s advice and have been helping the community in their home village of Marsden, West Yorkshire. Their office and van has been assisting with the village’s aid group. The company’s helped to deliver hundreds of food parcels and prescriptions to self-isolating and vulnerable families.

If that doesn’t demonstrate what a community-spirited, beautiful company Mikron is then I don’t know what will. The true beauty of this company is its heartwarming, innovative nature and throughout lockdown this has been demonstrated perfectly.

The company’s Artistic Director Marianne McNamara said: “We’re so incredibly sad not to be touring. In the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak we looked at every possible combination, but none of them were practical. What I would not give to see Mikron performing at a canalside venue to a large crowd with the sun setting behind us. We see the same faces in different places year on year and we really miss them but the safety of the cast and crew, venues and of course our loyal audiences, had to come first.”

With no income from shows, no merchandise, no programmes, or raffle in the budget, Mikron are currently looking at a shortfall of £48,337.49. The entire management team is doing as much as they can to reduce costs month by month, but this simply is not enough. On current budgets the company will run out of money before they are able to hit the road and get touring again in 2021.

Therefore, the theatre company has no choice but to launch an appeal to raise almost £50k by the end of December 2020 to ensure that Mikron has a future within the theatre industry. For further information and to donate please visit www.mikron.org.uk/appeal. Do give generously. The theatre industry needs us all, and we need theatre industry.

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