Slung Low Theatre Company & Leeds People’s Theatre present The Good Book

The Good Book is a short film supported by Leeds City Council, Leeds 2023, Arts Council and Leeds People’s Theatre. It tells the story of a future society that is divided between loyalists of the powerful Queen Bear and radical followers of Galahad. Avalon is a young woman desperate not to take sides, but as civil war begins, she must undertake a dangerous mission to rescue a precious relic from destruction.

It is the first production for the newly formed Leeds People’s Theatre, produced by Slung Low with the support of Leeds 2023.  Leeds People’s Theatre has been created by Slung Low. It is a dedicated division for large-scale professional arts projects with communities at the heart of them. This involves the community participating in and with professional artists and creative teams, offering an opportunity to learn, gain more experience or simply be part of a team of other creatives.

If you can’t get out and about to the theatre, why not enjoy arts and creativity at home?

To watch The Good Book, visit this link.

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