Northern Ballet’s Geisha comes to Leeds

Northern Ballet will premiere an evocative original ballet, Geisha, by choreographer Kenneth Tindall at Leeds Grand Theatre from 14th – 21st March.

The production follows two young women as they experience encounters from beyond the grave. It looks to be a particularly dark piece, which can only mean it will be atmospheric and provocative.

In Northern Ballet’s Geisha, Aiko and Okichi are inseparable until a collision between East and West begins to change their lives forever. Bound to be hospitable to their western visitors, the two young geishas find themselves irrevocably set on different paths. As Okichi falls into despair, she seeks freedom from dishonour in death. But, instead of finding peace, Okichi passes through the veil of the spirit world and returns to the world of the living as a ghostly apparition. Driven by hurt and rage, she takes her revenge and heedlessly shatters Aiko’s life. Now, only an act of true devotion will help Okichi find redemption.

The piece will be choreographed by Northern Ballet’s Choreographer in Residence Kenneth Tindall. His work for the Company includes the acclaimed Casanova. The original score is composed by Alexandra Harwood and will be played live at every performance by Northern Ballet Sinfonia. There’s nothing more magical than live music, particularly when it accompanies stunning visuals. It’ll certainly be an enchanting piece.

Catch Geisha at Leeds Grand Theatre from 14th – 21st March.

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