Alone in Berlin comes to York Theatre Royal

Hans Fallada’s acclaimed novel Alone in Berlin has been translated and adapted for the stage by Alistair Beaton. Despite being performed across Europe, this is the first time the adaptation will be performed in Britain.

The play is set in 1940s Berlin, showing the very true scenario of a couple who stand up to the brutal reality of the Nazi regime. They defy Hitler’s rule and face the gravest of consequences.

The ensemble cast, lead by Charlotte Emmerson, Denis Conway and Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey from The Fresh Price of Bel Air everyone!), is being directed by James Dacre. Interestingly, the production will feature illustrations from James Lutes’ graphic novel Berlin. Audiences will also be treated to music sung by Jessica Walker.

Catch Alone in Berlin at York Theatre Royal from 3rd – 21st March 2020.

Photography credited to Geraint Lewis

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