Who’s up for an Easter panto?

Families love the panto. That’s why The Victoria Theatre is breaking convention and creating a family-friendly panto to run throughout the Easter holidays.

Puss in Boots is being produced by Imagine Theatre, the team behind the annual Christmas panto. It’ll star Hear’Say’s Suzanne Shaw (you might also know her from Emmerdale or, if you’re super theatre-y, for her West End performances).

Suzanne says: “I missed out on appearing in a panto over Christmas as I was working in the Caribbean so I was delighted to be asked to perform in one over Easter. Although I have known Chris for years this will be the first time we have worked together I cannot wait! My character, Princess Apricot Crumble, is not a typical fairy tale princess as she is quite feisty and independent and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in so is definitely going to be a fun character to play.”

The panto will also star Chris Jarvis. He hosted The Broom Cupboard in 1993 and following this a variety of shows including Fully Booked, The Friday Zone, Look Sharp, Playdays, Jungle Run, Dream Street, Maths Mansion, Step Inside, Stargazing and Show Me Show Me.

He says: “I have never appeared in Puss in Boots before so I am really looking forward to doing something new. The tale may not be familiar to everyone but it is a fabulous story and the show will have all the traditional elements of panto with plenty of slapstick, ‘he’s behind you’s’ and booing of the badddie. My character Colin Donut is the comic which is a role I love to play as what is better than making people laugh!”

 I’m not sure how I feel about an April pantomime, particularly as the regular Halifax panto has long since been and gone. Kids who love the theatre and love getting involved in the immersive style of the panto will be sure to love the show though.

Catch Puss in Boots at Victoria Theatre, Halifax, from 15 – 17 April.

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