Ed Byrne “If I’m Honest” tour review

Ed Byrne is a fantastic comedian, known for his witty TV appearances and vibrant UK tours.

As part of his latest tour, If I’m Honest, Ed Byrne is currently visiting theatres across the country. To hold an audience for almost two hours single-handedly is certainly impressive, and Byrne does this with ease. It feels like a one-man, beautifully crafted show whilst being laugh-out-loud funny. Essentially, Ed Byrne isn’t just a bloke chatting on for a few hours – the piece has structure. It’s a well thought out routine of wit and clever storytelling.

The first half focusses slightly too heavily on Byrne’s children for the younger audience members, though the stories he tells are totally relatable and as a crowd we’re really rooting for Byrne and getting behind his jokes. He’s aware of moments that could potentially push the boundaries, but that makes it all the more enjoyable when he does.

The show covers a huge scope of topics and discussions, from marriage and kids to gender identity and life’s little victories. In some ways it’s the mundanity of Byrne’s subject matters that makes it such a clever and engaging show. We can all relate to the things he says and, despite being a pretty mixed bag of an audience, all find plenty to laugh along with.

If you’re a fan of comedy, or indeed live entertainment generally, then you should definitely consider going along to see Ed Byrne. He provides a thoroughly enjoyable evening of entertainment.

Check out the remaining 2020 tour dates here.

Photography credited to Idil Sukan

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