Victoria Theatre scraps Panto plastic

The Victoria Theatre in Halifax is no longer selling disposable plastic flashing toys at their annual panto, Beauty and the Beast.

This is party to reduce the use of single use plastics, and partly because they’re bloody annoying. Both customers and performers have suggested the toys are a distraction and spoil some of the stage special effects.

Not only can visitors not buy them at the theatre, they can’t bring them in with them either. It’s full on panto contraband, and I for one am 100% behind the decision.

The theatre will be selling a new range of higher quality toys (read very, very expensive toys) this year instead. They’re meant to last for years on end but, given a panto is very much a once-a-year situation it’s unlikely many will be playing with their hand puppets, finger puppets and pencils with playful toppers for much beyond February.  It’s still a nice idea, though, and presents like this could make a great Christmas gift for the little ones.

Tim Fagan, The Victoria Theatre Theatres Manager said “Plastic pollution is a global issue and whilst this is a small step, we hope that this is just one step closer to encouraging our organisation and guests to think more about the use of single use plastic. We are also looking at other environmental initiatives and are trialling recycling solutions in the venue in the coming months.”

Beauty and the Beast runs at the Victoria Theatre from Saturday 14th December to Sunday 5th January.

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