York Theatre Royal announces The Queen

Pantomime favourite Martin Barrass will play The Queen in this year’s pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

Having played Berwick Kaler’s sidekick for over thirty years, it’s time for Martin to step into the spotlight.Although he’ll be wearing a frock, Martin isn’t stepping into the Dame’s shoes now that Berwick has retired as the theatre’s pantomime Dame after 40 years – quite simply, there isn’t a Dame in the production.

Sleeping Beauty is Berwick Kaler’s take on the story of the princess who pricks her finger and falls asleep for 100 years. I’ve heard Kaler’s pantomimes are often a little plotless so hopefully there’ll be a little more meat to this panto this year!

Martin will join other members of the Theatre Royal pantomime family David Leonard, Suzy Cooper and A.J Powell in Sleeping Beauty, which is written by Berwick Kaler.

Co-director Matt Aston says: “I’m thrilled that Martin is going to put a frock on this year and play the part of The Queen. Hopefully he’ll remember who he is, doesn’t miss his Mam too much and try to be as regal as possible at all times. What could possibly go wrong?”

Sleeping Beauty runs from 7th December to 25th January at York Theatre Royal.

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