Jadek at York Theatre Royal

Imagine If theatre present Jadek, based on the true story of a working-class Yorkshire woman moving in with her blind, Polish Grandad.

This unusual premise shows how each character’s lives were affected in the most hilarious, heart-breaking and life-affirming way.

The characters are certainly described as characters. Grandad came to Yorkshire in 1945 after spending six years fighting in World War 2, and now struggles with growing old and becoming blind. Chesca has moved house 28 times, after becoming increasingly annoyed at feeling repressed by the world around her. Can she find her true home at her Grandad’s house?

The piece looks very thought provoking, with humorous twists. Both characters are strong, interesting and well rounded without conforming to stereotype and I think this’ll work really well as a theatre piece particularly as it’s based on reality.

Jadek is coming to York Theatre Royal Studio on 16th October.

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