30 Stories: Exhibition at Square Chapel Arts Centre

Square Chapel are showcasing the diversity of its local community and putting the spotlight on the people who have made the venue the place it is today. The 30 Stories exhibition coincides with 30 years since the original Square Chapel building was saved from demolition by a group of six passionate local people. The arts centre now attracts over 100,000 people per year and provides over 300 live performances and engages nearly 3,000 individuals, including school children, young people and vulnerable and hard to reach adults every year. 

The exhibition tells 30 unique stories from the people who have helped shape the organisation, along with professionally shot images. 

Square Chapel Arts Centre Director, David McQuillan said: “The two most powerful things in the world are people and stories. People are capable of the greatest inspiration, the most amazing kindnesses, people are charitable and benevolent; people create wonders, they care for each other and other species. Stories don’t exist without people. Stories endure; it is in stories that some people, some communities, live on; potentially infinitely. They last longer than concrete, glass or bricks. Square Chapel is built from stories: the people who live them and the people that tell them. It has been an honour to know these people and hear these stories. There are 30 here, but there are thousands more. We’ll keep telling them and we’ll keep writing more.”

This exhibition is sponsored by Grand Central, And Digital, Chadwick Lawrence, Pickles Printers, Lister Horsfall, Colden Warter – Electricity Power Company and Wilby Insurance Brokers. It runs until the end of July 2020 so plenty of time to see the exhibition!

For more information about the 30 Stories exhibition visit www.squarechapel.co.uk

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