This is Not a Wedding at York Theatre Royal

Anyone who knows me knows I hate weddings. So a performance about four bridal-clad women attempting to entertain, delight and maintain their dignity in a desperate last ditch effort to work out what the hell it all means seems like a pretty grand show to me.

The show explores this generation’s experience of pressure, conformity and expectation. It’s described as a radical and apocalyptic reimagining of our society’s most recognisable ceremonies.

The brides are quickly running out of time to attempt to please everyone and noone.

It’s certainly an interesting concept and one I’m totally on board with already – no persuasion needed. Gracefool Collective are known for their wildly entertaining dance theatre, so this won’t be a standard play by any means!

Come along to be guests at the non-wedding event of the year as the brides attempt to come to terms with coming of age in a high pressure, low tolerance, success driven society.

The show runs at De Grey Ballroom, York Theatre Royal, on Tues 17 & Wed 18 September.

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