Under Three Moons goes on tour

Manchester-based theatre company Box of Tricks are presenting a new play by Daniel Kanaber – Under Three Moons.

The producers, who’ve preciously produced Narvik, Plastic Figurines and SparkPlug, have a fantastic past history of putting great shows on stage.

The play explores how men relate to each other, who they are and how they live. The show spans half a lifetime, focusing on three nights across three decades. Two friends, Mike and Paul, meet up and talk into the night, from a school trip to France as teenagers, to a surf shack in their twenties, to Christmas in their thirties. From boyhood to manhood to fatherhood, this is set to be a poignant exploration of two friends journeying through life.

The show will tour until the 2nd November, coming to Carriageworks, Leeds, on 18th October.

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