Why I can’t wait for A View from the Bridge

A View from the Bridge is a classic Arthur Miller drama, now taking to the stage in a new co-production between York Theatre Royal and Royal & Derngate Northampton.

The play is set in 1950s New York, following respected Eddie Carbone and his wife as they enjoy a life of stability in a tight knit, immigrant community. However, when his wife’s Sicilian cousins arrive they look set to change the Carbone’s lives forever.

Director Juliet Forster has directed productions for York Theatre Royal in the past, including Sense and Sensibility. Juliet says:

She says of A View from the Bridge: “It is arguably one of the best plays ever written, an extraordinary text and a brilliant, unforgettable experience for an audience.

“Look at the kind of climate we’re in in this country – and across the world really – of shifting attitudes and antagonism towards immigration, particularly the idea of economic immigration. It should be a basic human right that we can move to where there is work so we can feed our family.

“I am interested in the migrancy themes in the play, and in some respects I was interested in expanding the relevance of the story beyond the very specific Italian-American setting by recruiting a very mixed cast. People with roots in lots of different parts of the world because this is a play that spreads out into being quite a global issue instead of being focussed on just one community.”

Community casts in York and Northampton will help create the world of 1950s Brooklyn, playing neighbours and co-workers of the main characters. It’s a great opportunity for local people to take part in a strong play amongst fantastic cast members. I for one can’t wait!

The play itself is a really interesting one, and I just hope the show doesn’t overdo the politics and become too preachy. The beauty of the play is its raw emotion and brazen exploration of key themes and I hope this translates to the stage.

Catch the show from 20th September – 12th October at York Theatre Royal.

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