Black Men Walking tours to York

I first saw a show by Testament many years ago, and was inspired by his stage presence, charisma and charm. I was also surprised by the gentleness of his nature combined with incredible rapping skills – and since then, he’s gone on to do some truly inspiring things.

His latest play, Black Men Walking, is being presented by Eclipse Theatre Company. It was originally co-produced with Manchester Royal Exchange, and now the show’s on its second UK tour.

The play, dedicated to the Black Men’s Walking Group, is about a group of men (Thomas, Matthew and Richard), who walk together on the first Saturday of every month. Today, out in the Peaks, they find themselves forced to walk backwards through two thousand years before they can move forwards.

Black Men Walking is the first story from Revolution Mix, an Eclipse movement spearheading the largest ever national delivery of new Black British stories. Testament is a brilliant writer, with a tremendous ability to put across serious stories and subject matters in an intriguing way without being preachy. I’m sure the play will raise some interesting points and will hopefully open up conversations and widen audience’s minds and viewpoints.

Catch the show in the York Theatre Royal Studio from 10th – 14th September.

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