Saturday Night Fever Boogies into Leeds

Bill Kenwright’s Saturday Night Fever will ignite a Disco Inferno this August. The musical is based on the 70s classic movie starring John Travolta. I’ve never seen the movie, so I’m excited to see what the musical version will be like!

The story follows Tony Manero and his reckless road to dancing success. Throw in a soundtrack of hit tunes by the Bee Gees and you’ve got yourself a party! Featuring hits like Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever, Tragedy and More Than a Woman, it’s no wonder the original album remains the best-selling movie soundtrack EVER.

Richard Winsor plays the leading role of Tony Manero. Having been a principle dance with Matthew Bourne for 10 years, I’m sure we’ll all be in safe hands with his dancing talents! He was also cast in the lead role in the cult dance film StreetDance 3D and played Caleb Knight in the BBC’s Casualty.

Fingers crossed his charm and charisma can match Travolta’s!

Catch Saturday Night Fever at Leeds Grand Theatre from 27th – 31st August.

Photography credited to Pamela Raith Photography

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