I wish I’d had a Backstage Pass!

City Varieties Music Hall are offering a wide range of activities to children aged seven – 17 to fill their summer holidays with dramatic fun!

I remember taking part in loads of drama schools over the summer when I was younger, and there’s no better way to fill a week than to rehearse and work towards a finished product. I love the idea that City Varieties is giving young children this fantastic opportunity.

Backstage Pass is a huge range of activities happening over two weeks. It gives kids the chance to meet new people, work with the pros and gain new skills and interests. Anyone who knows me knows I disagree with the arts being a platform for show-offs. Drama and creativity provides wonderful confidence-building foundations and boosts self esteem and enhances general life skills.

Catherine Hayward, Education Manager, said: “Backstage Pass offers children of all ages and abilities, first-timers or regular attendees, the chance to make friends, have fun and learn new skills. We hope that by opening our doors throughout the summer, that some, if not all of the children, will want to get involved year-round.”

The programme includes a Youth Theatre Taster Day on Monday 12th August, a day of improv or a music-making day on Tuesday 13th August and a young playwrights course from Wednesday 14th-Friday 16th August. The next week (Monday 19th – Friday 23rd August) is the City Varieties’ Play In A Week, offering youngsters the chance to work on an original script, written especially for this project, and spend a full week on The Varieties stage! I for one am very jealous indeed.

For more information, visit the City Varieties website.

One thought

  1. In the upcoming season at Blumenthal Performing Arts, I actually wish I was a season ticket holder. They are entering one of their strongest seasons. Once again- just doing with individual tickets.


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