Let It Be at The Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

Let It Be stars a cast of four incredible live musicians hurtling their way through some of the best hits from The Beatles. Complete with all the era-defining costumes and witty quips, this is a must-see musical for any fan of the fab four.

Emanuele Angeletti as Paul McCartney looks and sounds just like The Beatles’ sweetheart, while Richard Jordan as John Lennon has a great connection with the audience and captures Lennon’s style well. Ben Cullingworth as Ringo Starr is the cheeky chappy, and John Brosnan as George Harrison completes the foursome with style. The direction from Michael Bramwell and Michael Gyngell is superb and the band is subtly fantastic – just like The Beatles were – without any of the modern day showboating and showing off we’re more used to nowadays.

The first act rocks along with hits like Help, Penny Lane, Come Together and She Loves You really encapsulating everything we all know and love about The Beatles. The slightly lengthy television moments, ranging from ads to news pieces screened on four television screens lining the stage, get a little dull but once the music starts up again we soon forget them. By the time the interval arrives, no-one wants the fun to stop.

This all changes in Act 2, unfortunately, when we’re given an imagined glimpse as to what a reunion concert would have been like on John Lennon’s 40th birthday, a mix of The Beatles hits and individual songs from each of the musician’s repertoire. Ladies and gentleman, that imagined reunion concert does not sound good.

Dreary tunes such as My Sweet Lord and Starting Over are blended with old rock and roll hits that inspired The Beatles. There are a few good tunes in there, mainly Imagine, Here Comes The Sun and Live And Let Die but ultimately the second half mainly shows us that The Beatles were better together as a team, a powerhouse of hit producers that worked magically as a band.

I’ve seen Let It Be ‘the old version’ and I think it works a lot better. Most of the audience is interested in the work of the band, in reliving the hits and the good old days – ultimately, this is a chance to celebrate the hits and not the misses and this revamped version oddly does a little bit of both.

Catch Let It Be at The Alhambra, Bradford, until 8th June.


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