A View from the Bridge comes to York Theatre Royal

I absolutely love the timeless drama A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. So I’m thrilled to hear it’s being revived this year by York Theatre Royal and Derngate Northampton.

The show follows Eddie Carbone who lives with his wife and niece in a tight knit immigrant community. Things change when the arrival of his Sicilian cousins unravel his set way of life.

York Theatre Royal’s Associate Director Juliet Foster directs the piece. Because she recently directed Sense and Sensibility, I’m excited to see what she brings to this piece. The previous productions I’ve seen have always provided a fresh take on a classic and I doubt this show will be any different. 

She says: “I am really looking forward to exploring the questions raised in the play around trust in a community, betrayal, social taboos and attitudes to the law. This gripping drama is compulsive viewing – it simmers with tension and explodes with passion. It feels more relevant today than it has ever been, in its examination of the power of desire, models of masculinity, and in attitudes to immigration, which once again have become a hugely contentious political issue in current times.”

The show will feature a local Community Ensemble who will presumably play supporting roles. Juliet continues: “Arthur Miller says you can’t really understand Eddie Carbone outside of his community, so inevitably I wanted to create a large living, breathing, feeling community on stage around him, drawing on the remarkable skills of our local community actors.” 

Tom Bird, Executive Director, York Theatre Royal, said: “A View From The Bridge is one of the finest plays ever written and despite being over 60 years old is a fitting story for our times. We are delighted to be making it in York and that it will then travel to our friends at Royal & Derngate in Northampton.” 

Visit the York Theatre Royal website for more information and to book your tickets – I, for one, can’t wait!

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