York Literature Festival events at York Theatre Royal Studio

There are plenty of top events going on at York Literature Festival this year, and of course York Theatre Royal Studio is getting in on the action again this year.

On 26th March, award-winning creators of Jane Eyre: An Autobiography and Austen’s Women (Dyad Productions) are presenting Orlando. Based on the satirical 1928 novel by Virginia Woolf, find out about the immortal poet and their romantic adventures across British history. How can we find our place in the world whilst remaining utterly true to who we are?

Old Herbaceous on Friday 22nd March seems quite a sweet story about the story of an old man who shares how he went from orphan boy to legendary head gardener. It’s a charming one man show, with humour and romance aplenty.

On 23rd March The Crick Crack Club present Telling The Blues. This complex piece fuses song, folktale and legend as Afro-Caribbean storyteller Jan Blake shares the stage with blues guitarist Matt Chandler Both performers are well-known in their field so this promises to be a quality event with plenty to recommend it.

What Days We’re Having Now, on 25th March, is presented by Jaybird Live Literature. A live anthology of theatricalised poems certainly sounds interesting. New writers Alex MacDonald, Ella Freers and Will Harris share their work – which ranges from sweet, sad to funny and cover a range of themes in their poems which navigate their way through life.

Textual and visual performance, Lost In A Sea of Glass and Tin, performed by Gary Winters and Claire Hind, responds to what the eye can teach us about repetition, texture, shape and colour. It’s a mixed media performance with light, sound, projection and voice all working together to create an exciting new piece.

Gary Winters says: “We draw upon our own fascination and observations of a seaside entertainer who week in and week out sings the classics and to his heart’s content along with the energy and commitment of his super fans. What does it mean to leave everything we ever knew behind? Take off and live a life of solitude? Where can we go and what can we become?” 

Finally, on 29th March, Kate Fox performed Where There’s Muck There’s Bras. The stand up poem will uncover the history of successful women. With a PhD under her belt I’m sure Kate Fox has plenty of interesting things to say on the subject.

If quirk’s your nature, then these one-off literary events might be right up your street. Visit the York Theatre Royal Studio for all the information you need.

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