Finding a modern day thriller in The Duchess of Malfi

John Webster’s Jacobean masterpiece is brought to life by York Settlement Community Players at York Theatre Royal Studio.

Two siblings will do anything to prevent their sister from marrying the man she loves in an exciting play fuelled by obsession, passion, blood and revenge.

Having originally trained as an actor at LAMDA, director Sam Taylor is making his mark on the production. He’s worked for influential organisations like the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company so he’s sure to be a very valued addition to the creative team.

He said:  “At its heart, The Duchess of Malfi is very much akin to a modern day thriller. We have cut the text to concentrate purely on the central story – how the Duchess’ love for Antonio causes her brothers to tear down her life in revenge.

“The play is fast-paced and exciting, and we present it in a little over two hours. It is a fabulous, accessible introduction to anyone who hasn’t experienced much classical theatre.

“Webster’s play is full of some of the most beautiful language in the history of theatre. The themes of the play are quite dark, but some of the writing is extremely funny. We stage the play in a slick and modern way: we will to grab you by the collar and take you with us on a journey.”

The cast is a mix of experienced actors from the community, as well as some brand new faces. While maintaining the high production standards of previous YSCP shows, The Duchess of Malfi will push things forward stylistically.”

Don’t miss the show when it comes to York Theatre Royal Studio from 6th-16th March.

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