The Girl on the Train tours…

I saw the stage adaptation of The Girl on the Train at Leeds Playhouse a while ago now, and it was an unusual and exciting adaptation of the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins. It had a fantastic cast and the set was incredible, an intimate but enticing backdrop to some seriously good drama.

Now the show, produced by Simon Friend, Amblin Entertainment and Josh Andrews, is coming to Bradford Alhambra. Like the last production, the show has been adapted for the stage by¬†Rachel Wagstaff & Duncan Abel only this time it’s being designed by James Cotterill.

The thrilled explores the story of Rachel Watson, who escapes from her miserable life by watching a perfect couple through the train window every day. Only when the woman suddenly disappears she gets more involved than she had ever intended.

I’ll be really interested to see how they adapt the show to suit a bigger stage. It’s intimate setting at Leeds Playhouse suited the show perfectly, I felt. Perhaps it will lose some of its creepy nature being blasted from a bigger stage, or it will gain an intimidating atmosphere. Only time will tell!

The Girl on the Train comes to the Alhambra Theatre from 10th-14th September.



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