Why I can’t wait for Hamlet

Shakespeare’s psychological drama, Hamlet, is a beast of a play for all the right reasons. It’s enticing and enthralling, with so much room for creative freedom. It’s a play that can go so well… or go so very, very wrong. However, with director Amy Leach at the helm I’m confident this production will show Shakespeare in his very best light.

The tale of murder, love and revenge is being given a modern twist. Billed as a ‘stylish new production’, I really hope it will have all the class and creativity of Leach’s Romeo and Juliet. Tessa Parr stars as Hamlet, which I think is just the coolest decision. She’s a gorgeous, engaging actress and will play the part so well. It’s a role almost written for an actress of her calibre.

The company of young people will add a further dimension to the production. Not only does this give young people a really great opportunity, it provides extra depth and diversity.

I’m less keen to discover Fight Director Kate Waters is responsible for the integral fight scenes. Having seen RSC’s most recent version of Romeo and Juliet, I had hoped for much more intense, believable fight scenes that have you on the edge of your seat. Hopefully the direction and strong cast will up the fighting game and really create some exciting scenes.

Hamlet is coming to Leeds Playhouse’s Pop-Up theatre, in association with SOYO Leeds, from 1st – 30th March. Whether you’re a Shakespeare newbie or love the Bard, I would recommend any production with such an exceptional cast and creative team.

Photography by David Lindsay



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