Let It Be comes to Bradford, and you really shouldn’t miss it!

I saw Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles a while ago, and it was absolutely ace. So much better than I expected. Without the need for big pages of dialogue but with enough nostalgic commentary to feel part of the journey, the show is a perfect tribute to the Fab Four.

The acclaimed theatrical concert was such a hit when it premiered that it’s now back for yet another UK Tour. only this time, it features an all-new Let It Be Part II reunion concert so fans of the original show will be enticed to see it too.

Whether you’re one of the two million people who’ve seen the show, or will be attending for the very first time – you can’t help but love the production. It’s a whole night of live music – what more could you ask for?

Act One documents the band’s journey from the early days through to the heights of global Beatlemania. Look out for classic costumes and references to their most famous performances! All your fave songs are likely to feature here – Penny Lane, anyone?

In a twist from the original show (the version I saw), the second act is set a decade after The Beatles split up. This’ll give fans a rare glimpse of how John, Paul, George and Ringo could have performed together once more – taking a unique step back in time to the reunion concert taking place on John Lennon’s 40th Birthday. As we all know, tragically this was never meant to be.

It’ll be really interesting to see the band’s solo material featuring in the show. Imagine, Live and Let Die, Black Bird and a whole host of other impressive numbers.

Let It Be producer Jeff Parry said: “The original Let It Be was a hit with Beatles fans all over the world, but UK audiences’ reaction to the new show and the new Act Two reunion concert that never was, has been nothing short of phenomenal. It may be almost half a century since The Beatles split, but their popularity and their influence just seems
to keep growing, with their incredible and creative catalogue of music attracting a whole new generation of fans. And with so many important anniversaries during 2019, we’re delighted to take this special show to thousands more Beatles fans here in the UK.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this revamped version of a great production, running at Bradford Alhambra from 3rd-8th June.

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