Band of Gold at Leeds Grand Theatre – a must watch?

Yorkshire writer Kay Mellor OBE is bringing her latest offering to Leeds Grand Theatre with yet another world premier stage production – this time, an adaption of award-winning ITV series Band of Gold.

It’s pretty hot on the heels of Mellor’s latest stage adaptation – in 2017 audiences were “treated” to Fat Friends The Musical which had some nice tunes but ultimately didn’t really showcase much musical theatre prowess. It fell under the categories of The Band, feel-good musicals with a few laughs but not a lot of substance.

Nevertheless, I’ll be interested to see what the show produces as it’s a gritty thriller telling stories of women working in Bradford’s red-light district… hardly the bubbly banter of a weight loss club.

The TV show was certainly successful and more than 15million viewers tunes in each week to see the show. Now, 20 years on, it’s being resurrected.

Kay Mellor said: “I get asked once a day if I’m going to bring Band of Gold back. My answer will now be yes, on stage at The Grand Theatre! I’m thrilled that it’s going to premiere in my home town.”

General Manager, Ian Sime, comments: “We are so excited to welcome our good friend Kay Mellor back to The Grand Theatre & Opera House with another hugely successful stage adaptation of one of her many iconic TV classics. Kay knows Leeds and Yorkshire audiences like no other and is one of the great writers of our time; this is going to be pure gold.”

I can’t help but feel it’s just a bit of vanity project to boost Mellor’s name and please local audiences. Next up I predict we’ll be seeing The Syndicate and In The Club being whipped up into a stage adaptation. My opinions on TV/film-theatre is a confused one. To succeed, I really do think the theatre adaptation has to offer something unique and new to its art form – it can’t just reinvent the wheel and expect audiences to be invested. Therefore I’m really intrigued to see what Mellor will offer up with Band of Gold.

Visit the Leeds Grand Theatre website for more information!

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