Is ‘An Evening With’ ever an evening worth watching?

So Kim Woodburn is coming to King’s Hall, Ilkley on Tuesday 12 February 2019 for An Evening with Kim Woodburn.

She’s planning to discuss her rise to fame thanks to TV show How Clean Is Your House? She’ll be in conversation with BBC’s Alex Belfield and will be doing a Q&A with the audience followed by a meet and greet apparently. But what will she really have to say?

Here’s my question – is ‘An Evening With’ ever good enough to exceed expectations? Seems to me a cute little ploy by Z-list celebrities to make a bit of spare cash and boost their egos. I saw a similar style of show from Gok Wan a few years ago, and found it awfully indulgent. “I liked being in Panto so wanted a show of my own” wasn’t really a decent enough excuse to book a ‘talk tour’.

Unless you are a super fan of the celebrity in question, or the celebrity has an actual skill to showcase… why would you pay good money to sit in a theatre and listen to someone talk about nothing? I’m not sure how much anyone cares about Gok Wan’s childhood – personally, I wanted to hear him talk about his show, the production process and his top tips for surviving in the industry. Of course, this was all glossed over and we ended up just hearing vaguely amusing (read: not amusing at all) anecdotes.

Place Kim Woodburn on a panel with other controversial figures and you have a debate worth watching. On her own, on stage, discussing herself? I’ll give it a miss.

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