Are you a Frank Sinatra fan? Check out ‘In Other Words…’

‘I’d always fancied myself as a bit of a Sinatra.
And that song, at a moment like that.
Well, it just doesn’t get much more perfect, does it?’

York Theatre Royal Studio is always buzzing with brand new shows, and their latest offering from Off the Middle Theatre Company looks set to be a good one.

Written by Matthew Seager and directed by Paul Brotherson, In Other Words tells the story of Arthur and Jane.

What happened when they first met, and how has their relationship development? This intimate, humorous and moving love story explores the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and the transformative power of music in our lives. With Sinatra’s music connecting the story together, the audience is shown fifty years of Arthur and Jane’s relationship.

As the show is presented in partnership with Playlist for Life and The Bath and NE Somerset Dementia Action Alliance, it’s likely to be incredibly thought-provoking and sensitive. Having seen Still Alice before, I know how beautifully moving this kind of show can be.

Catch In Other Words at York Theatre Royal Studio on 19th and 20th February.


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