Gypsy Queen comes to York

For one night only, on February 13th, Gypsy Queen comes to the York Theatre Royal studio.

Award-winning writer Rob Ward has written the play, which asks the question: can two men raised to fight learn to love?

Two men fall in love after meeting in the world of professional boxing. One is a self-proclaimed Gypsy King, a bare knuckle fighter from a traveller family. The other is the son of a boxing legend. With two complex characters and a rather controversial setting I imagine this show is going to be a thought-provoking piece.

The show will explore LGBTQ+ visibility in sport, as well as looking at the notion of masculinity.

I shouldn’t expect this will be an overly preachy piece, but instead an insightful view on a serious topic, with humour thrown in for good measure.

Catch the show at York Theatre Royal Studio on 13th February at 7.45pm. 


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