Who sees a pantomime in January?

Genuinely. I want to know.

Fair enough New Year’s Day. I’ll even stretch to the 2nd. But after that – Christmas and all of its associated festivities are well and truly over. You’re back to work. the kids are back at school. There’s just no room for joy and silliness, surely?

So, go on, hands up – who’s gone to see a pantomime on the 10th January and, more pressingly, why?

It’s worth mentioning that I love a good pantomime. My record is five in a year. There’s something really heartwarming about just sitting and relaxing and having fun without there needing to be a message or a plot or a point. Plus, it’s always a nice reminder that I don’t have to endure kids on a regular basis.

But that’s surely the point of the festive season, isn’t it? To just park your worries at the door and lighten up a little. The Scrooge’s of the world are all tucked away in their miserable non-decorated houses but the fun ones are out enjoying the panto.

Let’s get squirted with water guns, let’s shout stupid phrases that don’t mean anything, let’s be an audience united as one. Come January? Sod off, I’ve got the whole year ahead of me to be miserable.

I’ve got a few hypotheses about why people might venture to the panto in the new year: it keeps Christmas spirit alive, it’s cheaper (is it?), it’s quieter (probably) and it’s something to do on a miserable Monday mid-Jan evening.

But please prove me wrong. Tell me why I’m missing out on the best way to start a new year. Tell me I can be part of a secret club of panto-goers who get all the best jokes and all the best after-the-show parties. Somehow, I can’t help think the whole thing might just fall flat.

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