Mark Thomas on tour

Mark Thomas’s last tour Showtime From the Frontline involved Mark re-enacting his time setting up a comedy club in Jenin alongside two Palestinian comics. Known for his political sense of humour, Mark sold out his Fringe run yet again this year. Critics love his unique style of comedy and he won yet another Scotsman Fringe First Award in 2018. 

Mark Thomas is now turning his attention onto the UK’s National Health Service. He is 54, the NHS is 70, and the UK national average life expectancy is 84. If Mark makes it to 84, the NHS will be 100. What will they both look like?

The production is based on a series of interviews with leading experts in and on the NHS, residencies in hospitals and surgeries. Mark uses his own health to explore the state we’re in; what’s going wrong in our NHS, how it can go right, and what the future might hold for us all.

Visit Mark’s website for all the tour information. He’s coming to Halifax on 14th February, Wakefield on 18th April if you’re looking for a Yorkshire gig! 

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