Nick Ahad’s Partition comes to The Studio, Bradford

Partition was originally created as a radio play and performed live in front of Leeds Playhouse audiences. It was written for the 70th anniversary of India’s partition and the creation of Pakistan. Often these pieces have a short shelf life – the subject-specific nature of the play kind of turns audiences off once the event is over.┬áNot Partition.

The play has been incredibly well received, and now it’s touring with a stage production. Yorkshire Playwright Nick Ahad is well known round this way – he’s a critic and radio host and all-round theatre buff and creative. He’s an absolute legend in the arts scene so it’s great to see his work take off so brilliantly.

The play tells the story of a young Muslim woman, Saima, and a young Sikh man, Ranjit, as they prepare for their wedding day. Both families aren’t happy with the union… will anyone turn up for the ceremony? Even 70 years after it was divided, the history of the Indian subcontinent still has consequences for today’s generation.

It’s a serious topic but is said to have touches of humour and vibrancy which should make it an interesting play to watch.

Catch Partition at The Studio, Bradford, from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th November 2018.

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