The Things We Wouldn’t Otherwise Find comes to Leeds Playhouse

Leeds Playhouse is partnering up with The Leeds Library to perform The Things We Wouldn’t Otherwise Find, written by West Yorkshire writer Emma Adams. The play has been commissioned by Leeds Library to celebrate the people who visit libraries each day, exploring how the library has evolved and fits in with today’s society in a digital age.

The play will start off being performed at The Leeds Library itself, before taking off on a tour of libraries throughout Leeds. As the setting will be quite restricted, the show is being performed by just two actors. Together, they’ll play ten characters. Wow, pretty ambitious. In the hands of director Tess Seddon, however, it’s likely to be a well thought-out and interesting piece.

Writer Emma Adams said: “I wanted to write about the things that threaten libraries; to acknowledge that these amazing spaces are at a turning point.  As the internet brings in new ways of capturing knowledge, and spending cuts dig deeper and deeper, libraries have a question mark over their heads. I wanted to write something that was fun, an adventure, rude, funny, sad, heartfelt and, most importantly, moving.”

Director Tess Seddon said: “Libraries are the perfect place for huge discoveries, new encounters and rethinking everything you ever thought about the world. Emma’s wickedly surprising, heart-warming play is a powerful celebration of this amazing space and its visitors. I can’t wait to help bring it alive in the magical settings of real libraries.”

The Leeds Library was first founded in 1768, now taking the title of the oldest surviving subscription library of its kind. It’s a really lovely, special place, so it’s definitely worth checking out as it celebrates 250 years of serving our city.

The show is happening at The Leeds Library from 6th-17th November. Take a look here for further info and to get your tickets.

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