Shows coming to Leeds in 2019 you just can’t miss

This year’s been a fantastic year for theatre – you just need to have a quick scroll through this blog to see the fantastic productions that have visited Yorkshire.

Next year looks set to raise the bar even higher (if you haven’t heard me screaming all the way from Bingley, Joseph is coming to town!)

From 1st-6th April Tom Stoppard’s Rough Crossing is on at Leeds Grand Theatre. Two playwrights are stuck on a boat heading to New York, trying to rehearse their play before it’s too late. I’ve not heard of the play before but it looks to have a fun premise!

Blood Brothers is up next from 7th-18th May, starring Linzi Hateley as Mrs Johnstone. She’s super famous for her role in Mamma Mia! so I’m sure she’ll steal the show. I really do think the success of Blood Brothers relies on how much you like Mrs Johnstone, so it’ll be interesting to see her in the role. 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat is coming to Leeds from 4th-15th June. So, if you’re wondering where I am round about that time next year, I’ll be at Leeds Grand Theatre. I LOVE Joseph and, even though we’re not sure who’ll be playing the title role yet, I’m already made up about the announcement.

From 19th June – 20th July, Grease is the word. We’ve already heard that Peter Andre is playing Teen Angel, so it’s only a matter of time before our Sandy and Danny stars are announced.

Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Lady Vanishes is adapted for the stage from 22nd-29th July. The show stars Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave – if you like mysteries, get yourself tickets to this one.

To get the summer swinging we’ve got Dirty Dancing from 5th-17th August. I’ve not actually seen this show live before, or actually the film version, so I’m quite excited to see how it works.

Then we’ve got probably everyone’s favourite show (if you’re not a proper theatre goer, that is)… The Rocky Horror Show. From 18th-24th August, Leeds folk will be dressing up and acting like hooligans. I’m all for a laugh, but it’s not really the same calibre as some of the other shows on the line-up. Despite this, it’ll probably sell out the fastest. Dammit, Janet.

Rounding up the summer season is Saturday Night Fever, from 27th-31st August. It’s a bit of a jukebox musical, with 70s favourites playing throughout, but I’ll give it a chance before judging too harshly! I might have to watch the film in advance to give me a sneak peek.

If you fancy seeing any of the above shows, head to Leeds Grand Theatre for all the information you need. I’ll see you there!

Photograph credited to Hugo Glendinning

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