Make Turtle Bay your pre-show dinner choice

With Leeds Grand, City Varieties, Carriageworks Theatre and Leeds Playhouse all just a short walk away, Turtle Bay is an ideal choice for any pre-show meal.

We were invited along* to try out Turtle Bay’s exciting Caribbean menu, including its extensive selection of cocktails.

We went for the Tingaling cocktail, a fruity mix of gin, prosecco, elderflower and grapefruit. It probably didn’t have the spicy kick some of the rum cocktails might have done, but it was still a really refreshing drink.

For starters, I opted for the crispy okra. It was a million times nicer than the okra you get at the much-discussed Bundobust (which I’m not a huge fan of, to be honest) – juicy and full of flavour. My dinner companion for the evening, my lovely Mum, went for ‘Doubles’ – roti flatbreads served with chickpeas, cucumber chutney and hot sauce. I had a cheeky try and that was just as tasty as the okra, and just as unusual. For those wanting to impress a date, friends or family from further afield – this place ticks all the boxes.

For the main I had to go for the curry salmon. It was spicy and tangy, but not overly hot which was ideal – and the fish was cooked to perfection. It was served with steamed rice and roti flatbread which evened out the super flavoursome dish. Mum went for Mo’ Bay Chicken and absolutely adored it. The spicy jerk flavour was, again, super unusual and unlike anything either of us had tried before.

Now onto dessert…


Behold, the spiced rum and chocolate pot. Its creamy texture and alcoholic kick just rounded off the evening with a glorious lip-smacking loveliness. Mum’s rum and raisin bread pudding was lovely too, but there was something gloriously naughty about a massive pot of choccie to dig into.

Visit Turtle Bay to check out the menu – there’s plenty on there for everyone! It’s also a pretty big chain, so whichever city you’re visiting, you might not be too far away from one of my now very favourite restaurants.

*Please note: we were lucky enough to be invited to review Turtle Bay Leeds – and what an absolute treat it was. Thank you, Turtle Bay!

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