High School Musical: The Great Debate

So, in the pub, as all great debates start, we discussed which High School Musical film really took Gabriella and Troy to new heights. Here’s my view on the matter:

High School Musical One – The Original

Like all originals, it’s hard to let this one slip from top spot. It’s sentimental, it’s cute and it’s got some cracking tunes. At the time, Disney did a proper hard sell on this bad boy, which made it tricky to fully get onboard. However, the unique sparkle of this coming-of-age tale catapulted it straight to our hearts. This could be the start of Something New, we all thought, and boy was it…

High School Musical Two – The Talent

They’ve grown up a bit, this lot. Now they’re working in a leisure resort over summer and, wow, there’s a lot of drama. This one’s unique due to its cracking songs and delightful choreography. It’s quirky and totally family friendly, but has that touch of heartbreak and sass for the kids who loved the original and weren’t quite ready to let the gang go.

High School Musical Three – The Sentiment

Okay, so this is basically High School Musical One, but in slow-mo. The gang are leaving high school and, thus, ending our journey with them. It’s a weeper for those who knew the Wildcat crew from their early days of bad haircuts and less auto-tuned singing, and a fun fest for the little ones who weren’t quite old enough to have seen the other films yet. A wily move from Disney, but a cinema spectacular. If you didn’t shed a tear during this move, you must have a heart of stone.

Why I love High School Musical

It’s got the triangle combo nailed: songs, talent and direction. We love the characters and love to sing along. What’s not to love?

PLUS… P+L+U+S – how absolutely incredibly adorable are real-life-couple (now ex-couple… let’s not discuss further) Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron? They’re the spirit of love.

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2 thoughts

  1. I think the first movie still stands the test of time, in that it was more light-hearted and the character errors were more forgivable. For me, Gabriella was by far the worst character. She didn’t have enough flaws, was portrayed as though her actions were blameless, and mistreated Troy. Take the second movie, for example, where Troy’s concern for his future is treated as an impediment to Gabriella’s summer. Utter selfishness. The best characters for me were Troy Bolton and Kelsi Nielsen.


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