The Economy of Ecology at York Theatre Royal Studio

So we’re back to my age old quirky theatre debate. Whilst I’m sure plenty absolutely love multi-disciplinary theatre described as “physical storytelling” – I’m not convinced it’s for me.

Leeds-based Manic Chord Theatre are bringing their latest show The Economy of Ecology to York Theatre Royal Studio this month. 

Steve, our main guy, feels disconnected in a crowded room thanks to our reliance on technology and inability to find true connection with one another. The play, written by David Cartwright, is described as “an urgent and provocative story about human relationships, communications and our impact on the natural world. [It] uncovers the power of human touch and the unexpected links between all things, questioning whether we are a touch deprived culture.” 

The innovative design part I can get on board with. Quite a few shows of late have really stepped up their game with the use of clever set and scenery, in particular projections. So if you’re looking to be impressed on that front I imagine this show has exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re wanting a classic play with an easy-to-follow concept that’ll carry you through to the end without confusion, I’m doubtful based on the info…

Catch The Economy of Ecology at York Theatre Royal Studio on 13th September 2018. 

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