‘Gig theatre’ Songlines at York Theatre Royal

Suffolk writer Tallulah Brown brings brand new play Songlines to the York Studio stage. 

The plot seems simple enough – cool kid Stevie is sent to Suffolk, where she meets geeky Stan. It’s a standard coming of age love story with folk music playing a central character in its development, the USP that makes this production a little different to the rest.

Featuring live folk music from award-winning band Trills is an intriguing and clever move that makes me really want to see this new play.

I absolutely love how supportive York Theatre Royal is – they’re always giving new work a platform at the Studio. It might be just on for one night, but if the people of York flock to see it, then hopefully the cast, crew and everyone involved will carry on working on their next big thing. Best of luck!

Catch it at York Theatre Royal Studio on 8th September if you get chance.

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